A complete game.

"Age of Pirates is a very good game and I love to play it in my free time. The gameplay, the graphics, the sound quality and the level of difficulty are all up to market, making it a truly complete game." 

Johnny James

Defense System

"I found it difficult to build a defense system at first but as I progressed further everything became a lot easier. Age of Pirates is a perfectly designed game with heated battles and bone crunching action. Sound quality is good and the same can be said for the graphics too."

Alisha Jones

Good game 

"I don’t like strategic games because I don’t like waiting and plotting but Age of Pirates is an exception. My friend told me to download this game and said to me, I bet you will play it non-stop and yes she was right. Lol, I love it."


Online gaming 

"I love playing Age of Pirates online with other players. The multiplayer mode is quite supportive and enhances the gameplay a lot. The single player campaign is good too but doesn’t compare to the multiplayer mode. I recommend other players to play it online with their friends."


In-app purchases 

"The items available for in-app purchase are not costly at all. The prices of the items are very affordable and that’s what I like most about Age of Pirates. I have purchased each and every item to enjoy this game to the max."

 Barry Moore 

Extraordinary weapons 

"All the weapons available in Age of Pirates are amazing. From rifles to pistols, grenades and machine guns, there is so much fire power available which makes playing this game a literal treat."

 Cameron Sins